Table of Contents

Appointment of Directors to Other Boards

If another organization invites Leadership Loudoun to designate a representative to serve on the other organization’s board, the issue will be addressed by the Leadership Loudoun Board of Directors at an official meeting. An affirmative vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the Directors is required to accept the invitation and to designate a representative.

If the Leadership Loudoun Board of Directors votes to accept the invitation, the President will nominate a representative from the Board of Directors. Additional nominations may be made by other Directors. A representative from the nominations must be voted on and approved by a majority vote of the Directors present at an official meeting.

The term of such representation will be coordinated with the board of the other entity.

An individual may be removed as the representative and/or the representative slot may be eliminated by a majority vote of the Directors present at an official meeting.

Cost of Events

This policy applies to non-program events. Generally, Leadership Loudoun events should be planned and executed so that the event either raises funds or is cost-neutral. Attendees will be charged a fee for each event; however, the fee may be waived for certain individuals, i.e. “comped”, depending on the circumstances. In planning an event, the following steps should be followed:

  1. Book the event location.
  2. Estimate all costs, to include:
    1. Event location
    2. Speaker
    3. Speaker gifts
    4. Entertainment
    5. Food
    6. Beverage
    7. Service/Tips
    8. Decorations
  3. Estimate # of attendees based upon past history
  4. Determine minimum amount to be charged (the fee) by dividing total estimated costs minus any sponsorship money by the number of paying attendees.
    Minimum fee = total estimated costs – sponsorship money / number of paying attendees

Once the fee is determined, two of the following must approve the fee amount before it is announced: President, Treasurer, or Finance Committee Chair.

Donations in the Name of Leadership Loudoun

Generally, Leadership Loudoun funds will be used to operate the Leadership Loudoun program and events. In rare situations, the funds may be used for donations to individuals or other entities. Such donations require a majority vote of the Leadership Loudoun Board of Directors and should be in the name of the Board of Directors.

Fee Payment Prior to Event Attendance

Attendees who have paid the event fee will generally constitute the final “head count” that is provided to the event location/venue. A person shall not be considered RSVP’d for an event until they have paid their attendance fee.

With the exception of those that are “comped”, individual will not be permitted to attend an event without paying the fee prior the event.

Fundraising and Contributions

Leadership Loudoun is an independent, non-partisan, nonprofit organization seeking to educate, inspire and connect leaders in Loudoun County. The work of Leadership Loudoun is supported both by tuition payments and by philanthropic contributions from organizations and individuals seeking to help Leadership Loudoun accomplish its mission.

Leadership Loudoun fundraising and solicitation of support shall be conducted strictly in accordance with the following principles:

  1. All contributions to Leadership Loudoun shall be unconditional and for the sole purpose of enabling Leadership Loudoun to achieve its stated mission.
  2. Contributors may not represent in any way that Leadership Loudoun endorses or supports any partisan interest or point of view.
  3. Leadership Loudoun will acknowledge contributions in an appropriate way.
  4. Contributions to Leadership Loudoun are to be used for general and administrative operations of Leadership Loudoun
  5. All documented contributions to Leadership Loudoun 501(c) (3) may be declared as charitable donations.
  6. Class participant teams may solicit donations to supplement their designated budget.

Holding Funds for Class Participant Teams

Class participant teams may be permitted to deposit funds into the Leadership Loudoun account for the purpose of funding their projects. Funds will be identified as such in the account. Such a transaction will be coordinated with the Treasurer and the Finance Committee Chair.

Inclement Weather

If Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) are closed due to inclement weather, all planned Leadership Loudoun events will be postponed. The announcement of school closure will be the only notification for postponement of a Leadership Loudoun event.

If LCPS announces a delayed opening for schools, there is no impact on planned Leadership Loudoun events.

Issue Day Tips

Hosting an Issue Day is a very interesting and challenging activity. The members of each team undoubtedly have the skills and energy to do an excellent job and the Issue Day is a wonderful opportunity to enhance those skills. Each team has two major goals. The first is to gather and organize the material about a topic to make the substantive point(s) desired. The second is to structure the Issue Day to engage class members to present those point(s). No matter how good the substance is, the Issue Day won’t fly without a strong presentation. Here are some suggestions for creating a memorable Issue Day:

  1. Be sure that the specific goals and objectives of the Issue Day are clear:
    Most Issue Day topics are initially quite broad and may cover a tremendous variety of issues. Part of the challenge of the each Issue Day is to narrow the specific issues to be addressed within the overall topic to a set that can be presented in the Issue Day and convey the messages that your team wants the members to learn and remember.
  2. Consider moving around:
    Keeping the audience seated in a particular spot all day, regardless of the topic, may reduce interest and attention. Think about productive ways that give members the opportunity to move around. This movement should be structured to enhance the presentation and could include taking the class to different locations during the course of the day (e.g., a tour or visit to a site relevant to the topic).
  3. Design an engaging program:
    Whenever possible, incorporate interesting visual aids (e.g., maps, photos, videos, demonstrations) and activities to get the class involved (e.g. quizzes, games, role playing, small group exercises, “hands-on” experiences, Q&A, etc.). When designing activities that are meant to be entertaining or fun, be sure there is a clear learning purpose. Avoid long lectures and “information dumps. Consider the flow of activities from the point of view of the audience, including length (avoid overly long segments), timing (before and after lunch typically require more interaction and excitement), and how to emphasize critical links among different topics on the agenda.
  4. Interesting presentations by guests can add a lot to the Issue Day:
    Good presentations by special guests at Issue Days can enhance the substance and presentation, especially if they avoid long lectures. ”Power brokers” or other influential people in the county can present specific points of view. In addition, ordinary citizens who are affected by your topic or who are working on the ground to help address the topic can deepen the team’s understanding of the key issues.
  5. Giving useful “take-aways” can help participants retain what they have learned:
    Consider giving “take-aways” to the class members that relate to the topics discussed. Ideally, these are items that tangibly emphasize points made or information sources that provide more details on your topic. You might want to give appropriate gifts to your guest presenters, as well.

The above ideas are simply to help plan the Issue Day. They are suggestions that will help create a dynamic Issue Day presentation.

Meetings of the Board of Directors

The Leadership Loudoun Board of Directors meet monthly at a set time and location, which they determine at the start of the year.

Membership List

A list of all Leadership Loudoun members and their contact information will be maintained. Members will be advised when accepted into the program that their contact information will be made available to members and others as required under the Freedom of Information Act. While efforts will be made to prevent the list from being used for solicitations, Leadership Loudoun cannot guarantee that the information will not be used for such purposes.

Pre-approval of Class Publicity

Class participant teams are responsible for publicity relating to their Issue Days and Community Impact Projects in conjunction with the Communications Committee Chair.

Pre-purchase Approval

All checks, debit or credit card purchases:

  1. Under $250.00 can be made by staff or other signees onto Leadership Loudoun’s account without a second signature and without email or written confirmation from a second signee.
  2. Purchases made in the amount of between $250-$2000 may be made with email approval, but without two signatures.
  3. Purchases made in the amount of over $2000 require two signatures on the hard check.

Two of the following four “authorized signers” are required when pre-approval is necessary. President, Treasurer, Finance Committee Chair, or Leadership Loudoun staff person.

Program Description, Curriculum and Objectives

Leadership Loudoun creates opportunities for current and future leaders to explore all aspects of Loudoun County’s economic, social, educational, cultural, and civic needs. This is accomplished through an annual multidisciplinary leadership program for approximately 25 participants chosen to represent a diversity of background and experience, ethnicity, income, place and type of employment, and location of residence and work. The program brings seasoned current and emerging leaders together to study their county through Issue Days, site visits, and Community Impact Projects.

Participants who complete the Leadership Loudoun Program become Members of the Leadership Loudoun organization and will have ongoing opportunities for community service.

The Leadership Loudoun Development Program strives to:

  • provide participants with an overview of the history, geography, and economics of Loudoun County;
  • expose participants to major community leaders, their ideas and issues;
  • provide opportunities for participants for discovery and awareness of leadership styles and approaches in themselves and others;
  • and develop leadership skills while working in teams to understand and propose solutions to community issues.

Specific components of the program are:


  • History of Loudoun County
  • Geography of Loudoun County
  • Economics of Loudoun County
  • Demographics of Loudoun County
  • Government structure & issues
  • Loudoun County / Virginia State Relationship

Exposure to Loudoun County leaders

  • Chamber of Commerce
  • County and Town Government leaders
  • Nonprofits and social service organizations
  • Private Sector businesses

Leadership Concepts

  • Inspirational / motivational presentation on leadership
  • List of inspirational resources

Leadership Styles/Awareness

  • Exercises which provide insight into how we process information and how we relate to others
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Process versus Product


  • Meeting and learning about classmates through ice breakers, conflict style indicator
  • Team Projects; e.g., Issue Days, Community Impact Projects

Development of Management/Leadership Skills

  • Brain-storming techniques
  • Issues Identification/Analysis/Selection
  • Team work/Team Building
  • Negotiation
  • Creativity/Idea Generation
  • Planning
  • Project Management
  • Collaboration
  • Public Speaking
  • Evaluation
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Problem Solving
  • Networking
  • Mentoring/Coaching
  • Consensus Building


To help achieve a diverse and balanced roster of class participants, Leadership Loudoun offers scholarships based on the following policy:

  1. Scholarships shall be awarded each year as funds permit.
  2. Scholarships may provide up to 50% of tuition.
  3. Applicants requesting a scholarship shall so indicate on their application, and confirm that this request is based on financial need.
  4. The initial recommended class roster (including alternates if there are more applicants than slots in the class) is based on merit, without considering any scholarship requests.
  5. If the number of scholarship requests exceeds the amount of available funds, the Board may decide to drop one or more of the scholarships applicants from the final recommended list in order to stay within the established limits. Alternates may then be used to fill out the class roster.
  6. The applicant’s place of employment shall not be a disqualifying factor in determining whether the applicant is eligible for a scholarship.
  7. An organization providing a scholarship may nominate an individual to receive that scholarship. This, however, does not guarantee that the nominated individual will be admitted into the class. Any nominees for scholarships must meet the selection criteria for the program and for scholarship.
  8. Sponsoring organizations may choose to pay part of the tuition of an individual who has been accepted in the program without going through the scholarship process.
  9. Scholarship applicants must pay any balance they owe by the designated deadline each year.

Selection of Participants for the Leadership Loudoun Program

The following factors are taken into consideration in developing recommendations regarding the program class roster:

  • Dedicated to Loudoun County and committed to making it a better place to live and work
  • Enthusiastic about creating or leading programs to improve Loudoun County
  • Engaged in encouraging cooperation among the private sector, nonprofits, and the government to achieve progress on relevant projects
  • Interested in leadership activities and have relevant experience in some areas of leadership and a desire to expand their leadership experience in Loudoun County
  • Insightful about what can be done to improve key aspects of Loudoun County
  • Eager to work on activities and projects to improve Loudoun County
  • Involved in activities to enhance the quality of life in our community

It is Leadership Loudoun’s objective to recruit and select as diverse and balanced a class as possible with respect to such factors as:

  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Background and experience
  • Location of home and work (east/west)
  • Public sector/private sector civic organizations, and different segments of these
  • Age distribution
  • Current/emerging leaders
  • New/long-time residents

Selection Process
A Selection Committee will be formed to make recommendations to the Leadership Loudoun Board of Directors for selection to the class. The Committee will include representation from the Program Committee, the Membership Committee, the Executive Committee and others as decided by the Chair of the Leadership Loudoun Board of Directors.

Based on the results of its assessment, the Committee will recommend a class roster to the Board of Directors. If there are more applicants than available slots in the class, the Committee will determine which applicants to recommend for acceptance. The Committee will also rank the remaining qualified applicants as alternates, who may be invited to fill any vacancies that occur before the program begins. These individuals may also be encouraged to reapply the following year.

The Committee will present its recommendation to the Leadership Loudoun Board of Directors, which has the final authority for approving the class roster.

Following Board action on acceptance of applicants, staff will send a letter of acceptance to those selected. Those not selected will be notified by letter after those selected have confirmed their intention to participate in the program.

Standing Committees

Each Leadership Loudoun Standing Committee is led by a Committee Chair who is a member of the Board of Directors. Committees operate relatively autonomously in conducting business to achieve their particular mission. The Committees may meet on a scheduled basis or as needed. Committee updates are provided at the monthly Board of Directors meeting. After each monthly Board of Directors meeting, Meeting Minutes are prepared and provided to the Board of Directors for their review and approval at the next monthly meeting.

At the annual business meeting, the Board of Directors will review the existence and purpose of Standing Committees. This review will result in either reaffirmation of the existence and purpose of the committees or modification or elimination of committees that may no longer be needed. Modification or elimination of Standing Committees requires a majority vote of Board Directors.

As of August, 2008 the Standing Committees are as follows:

Communications Committee:
The CC shall be responsible for promoting the Leadership Loudoun organization and the Leadership Loudoun program to the Members and to the community at large by use of newsletters, press releases, announcements and other media distribution, including press releases. The CC is responsible for the content and management of the website.

Development Committee:
The Development Committee shall be responsible for ensuring an ongoing adequate resource base by developing and implementing strategies that secure short and long-term individual, corporate and institutional funding for targeted and general functions.

Finance Committee:
The Finance Committee will be responsible for the tracking and reporting of all income and expenses. A level of approval from the Finance Committee will be necessary when budgeting for any events.

Governance Committee:
The Governance Committee will be responsible for maintaining Leadership Loudoun written policies and by-laws. As much as possible, the Governance Committee will ensure compliance with these documents. The Governance Committee may assist with the identification of potential members of the Board of Directors and/or Board Officers.

Membership Committee:
The Membership Committee shall be responsible for promoting the benefits of membership using the membership to ensure ongoing outreach into the community and by supporting and developing activities that promote leadership and highlight the many avenues for members to participate in the economic, social, cultural and civic needs of Loudoun County. MC will be responsible for maintaining the membership directory.

Program Committee:
The Program Committee will develop and manage the curriculum of the Leadership Development Program. Objectives of the Committee are to develop the Leadership contracts related to consultant services procured for the Leadership Development Program and to evaluate the effectiveness of the Leadership Development Program.

Team Liaisons

At times, a Leadership Loudoun member may be assigned as a liaison to a team of class participants. Following are guidelines related to the role of team liaison.


  • Make yourself available to meet with the team.
  • Be familiar with Leadership Loudoun policies around Issue Days and Community Impact Project
  • Remember that class members are to do the work. Team Liaisons are to advise and help them to consider and weigh alternatives and to help them to learn about project management and networking through experience

Opening Retreat

  • Plan to attend the Opening Retreat
  • Meet your team members
  • Help the team work through a process to refine their topic/issue
  • Know the date of the team’s Issue Day
  • Exchange contact information with entire team
  • Help the team to establish a meeting schedule outside of the regular Leadership Loudoun meeting days.

First Team Meeting

  • Attend the first planning meeting of the team
  • Be sure to review with the team the Guidelines & Tips for Issue Days
  • Ask the team how they think you can be most helpful to them
  • Tell them how you think you can best assist them
  • Reach an agreement as to how often you will meet with the team and agree on your role
  • Determine how the team will communicate i.e., email, phone, etc.
  • Establish a primary contact person for the team
  • Set a schedule to obtain updates on team progress

Subsequent Meetings

  • Attend team meetings as previously agreed upon and be observant
  • Advise the team on Issue presentations and use of leadership skills, logistics, obtain sponsorship (get someone to be a sponsor; i.e. pay for food, transportation, etc.)
  • Provide updates to Leadership Loudoun’s Program Committee and staff regarding the team’s progress and/or any concerns that you may have
  • Be available to answer questions to the entire team
  • Offer encouragement

Liaison to Program Committee

  • Serve as a communication channel between the Program Committee, the team and the Leadership Loudoun Board

Issue Days

  • Be present the entire day
  • Offer to assist the team in any way practical and reasonable

Community Impact Project (CIP)

  • Decide which Team Liaison you will partner with and clarify what your roles will be while working with the team
  • Obtain a clear understanding of the CIP to ensure that your guidance to the team is relevant and that you and the team have a common understanding of the CIP
  • Work with the team to establish benchmarks and completion dates
  • Communicate with the Team Liaison on a regular basis to monitor progress and to identify any issues that need to be addressed
  • Report to the Program Committee on the progress of the CIP during the course of the year and try to involve the team in this as much as possible
  • Be sure that the team issues a final report on the CIP.


  • Attend if at all possible