Class of 2014 on Mental Health Awareness.
Mental Health Awareness class
Class evaluates new volunteer management system.
Evaluating a volunteer management system
Building a bench with Habitat for Humanity.
Building with Habitat for Humanity
In 1990 the Board of Directors of Loudoun Volunteer Services, under the direction of Barbara Dutton, then located in the Department of Extension Services, decided to develop a leadership training program after recognizing the need for a network of current and potential community leaders. They enlisted the co-operation of the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce, Loudoun County and the Virginia Tech Institute for Community Leadership in the formation of a Leadership Loudoun Steering Committee. Many large cities and some smaller localities throughout the nation conduct leadership programs, which vary in content, participants and sponsorship.

The Leadership Loudoun Steering Committee, composed of eighteen community representatives, benefited from the expertise of Dr. Donald Plambeck, Director of the Northern Virginia Community Leadership Institute, while establishing Loudoun’s program.

The Leadership Loudoun Steering Committee adopted by-laws and formed a Board of Directors. Leadership Loudoun is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

A broad mix of current and emerging leaders from both the public and private sectors take part in Leadership Loudoun. Nominations were first solicited during June 1991 and thirty-five participants were selected by the Steering Committee for the first class. Through the years, class sizes have ranged from 15 to 35 participants.

Today, criteria for nominees entering the program include: management and professional experience in the private sector, nonprofit, or government agency; some history of community involvement in Loudoun County or their last geographic location; and the potential for long-term commitment to the Loudoun region. Participants will enhance their leadership abilities while becoming better acquainted with critical Loudoun County issues. In addition, participant teams will identify current problem areas and work toward their resolution throughout the term. The class composition regularly includes representatives from all sectors of Loudoun County.