Who We Are

Vineyard owner.
Listening to a vineyard owner
Elementary school principal talks to the Class.
Elementary school principal
Team building exercise, class of 2014.
Team building exercise

Nearly twenty-five classes have graduated from the program creating a membership network of more than 500 community leaders representing business, government, nonprofit, education, human services, and faith-based organizations. Graduates often go on to serve on commissions, committees and boards. Nearly one hundred community impact projects have been completed with the intent of leaving a legacy of service to the community.

Leadership Loudoun was founded by three partners: County of Loudoun, Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce, and Loudoun County Volunteer Services. Currently, it operates under the direction of an all-volunteer Board of Directors with one paid staff member.

What We Do

Leadership Loudoun provides four basic services to the community and its membership:

  1. A nine month leadership program is provided yearly to a group of people who live or work in Loudoun county for the purpose of developing a pool of leadership talent from which organizations may draw upon to meet community service needs. Participants receive formal training in important skills such as leadership and team building.
  2. The program provides an opportunity to learn about the county’s history, geography, political structure, economic climate and more. Explore many of the challenges and issues facing our fast-growing county and learn about ways to get involved in the community.
  3. Community Impact Projects leave a legacy to the Loudoun community. Working together, class members use the tools, resources and information they have gathered throughout the year to make a positive and lasting impact.
  4. Throughout the year, Leadership Loudoun offers social events and training programs. These events allow the network of members to meet and socialize as well as forge the bonds of a committed community.

Strategic Alliance with the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce

Loudon County Chamber of Commerce logo.Leadership Loudoun and the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce have joined forces to build a strong, sustainable leadership pipeline for the County. Both organizations support the availability of our signature leadership development program which accepts applications from all who live or work in Loudoun County. The goal is to encourage leadership through service on boards and commissions and volunteerism to benefit the Loudoun community as a whole.