Leadership Loudoun develops current and emerging leaders in Loudoun County, Virginia to work together to make a better community. Three partners founded Leadership Loudoun in 1991: County of Loudoun, Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce, and Loudoun County Volunteer Service. We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit, membership-based organization.

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Questions? Email program.coordinator@leadershiploudoun.org or call (571) 510-0520.

Leadership Loudoun Elevates Components of the Program Curriculum

Beginning with the Class of 2016, Leadership Loudoun adjusted its Program to replace the “Community Impact Project” with a “Think Tank” component.
The purpose of the Leadership Loudoun Think Tank is to drive experiential learning through application of a process. This process gathers different people with diverse expertise and encourages collaborative, creative examination of a community issue. The Think Tank Model serves to both facilitate objective and balanced examination of a community issue and to move beyond short-term or concrete solutions to make way for visionary ideas.
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Leadership Loudoun Meets with State Senators and Delegates

My Leadership Loudoun Story

Rusty Foster, President Bow Tie StrategiesI grew up in Loudoun County, so naturally, I thought I knew everything there was to know. We even learned about local history and took field trips to all of the historic Loudoun sites in elementary school. However, I was wrong. Leadership Loudoun opened my eyes to more than the history of Loudoun. Leadership Loudoun opened my eyes to the inner workings of the Loudoun County government, nonprofit organizations, and how our local economy depends on taxes and data centers. I choose to live in Loudoun County, to have my business located in Loudoun County, and to play in Loudoun County. I feel like after graduating from Leadership Loudoun, I have a better understanding of how to grow my business in Loudoun County and I’m thankful for that opportunity. And, I met some awesome people that are great friends today!
     ~ Rusty Foster, President and Founder, Bow Tie Strategies
        Leadership Loudoun Class of 2016 – Best Class Ever!

Advance. Build. Serve.

Since 1991, Leadership Loudoun has graduated over 500 business, community, and nonprofit leaders who make a difference in our community!

Leadership Loudoun provides:

  • Leadership development program. Learn about the county’s history, political structure, and economic climate while exploring the challenges and issues facing our fast-growing county. Participants represent business, government, and nonprofits sectors.
  • Graduates of the leadership development program are invited to become members of Leadership Loudoun. Continue to build your leadership expertise working on issues of importance to the community.