Leadership Loudoun is a nonprofit that develops current and emerging leaders in Loudoun County, Virginia to strengthen the community.

Leadership Loudoun provides:

  • A leadership development program exploring the county’s history, political structure, economic climate, and challenges facing this fast-growing county.
  • An Alumni Program to continue building leadership expertise to address issues of importance to the community.

Alumni Spotlight!

Discover what drew graduates of Leadership Loudoun to the program and how they are contributing to our community.

Walt Hogan

Walt Hogan.

“When you think of a leader, who comes to your mind?” That’s the question Walt Hogan, a 1996 graduate of Leadership Loudoun, begins his leadership development sessions with—and he has asked it several thousand times. In each session, he finds it necessary to ask it again and again until participants stop naming world leaders and celebrities and move on to people in their own lives. But he’s really waiting for someone to say his or her own name. Most people think of leaders as someone with a title or position or power, not themselves; his goal is to change that.

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